German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time
German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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ABOUT Our Commitment

to European Automotive Repair

At MB Automotive Services, we employ highly skilled certified technicians who have a passion for repairing German and British vehicles, including brands like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, and Land Rover. Since 2005, we’ve consistently delivered top-notch customer service and vehicle repairs in Rockville, MD. Our owner honed his skills as a master technician at a Mercedes dealership for many years before venturing to open his own shop, aiming to offer unparalleled customer service and first-rate repairs. Our dedication is reflected in our transparent pricing and our commitment to getting repairs done correctly the first time.

We Care About Our Customers

at MB Automotive Services

We genuinely care about our customers and their safety, making ourselves readily available to address any questions or concerns about your vehicle. We prioritize keeping vehicles safe for families. On each visit, we engage in comprehensive dialogue about the problem, ensuring that we diagnose and rectify it the first time around. This approach to timely, high-quality repairs, paired with our transparent and fair pricing, has turned many of our clients into repeat customers.

What sets MB Automotive

Services apart?


Our auto technicians have many years of experience working with European vehicle engineering and designs and are certified, making sure your vehicle receives expert care.


We believe in fair and transparent pricing and communication. While we use only quality parts, we want to provide the best prices possible. You’ll always know what work is being done and why.


We recognize the inconvenience of not having your car, and strive to return your German or British vehicle to you as promptly as possible without compromising on the quality of our work.


We want to make sure you are satisfied and can drive your vehicle knowing that it is safe for your family. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we go the extra mile to ensure you have an exceptional experience with us.


At MB Automotive Services, we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. We adopt eco-friendly practices and dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.


Using BG fluids in your vehicle can offer a range of benefits that contribute to the longevity and efficiency of your car, especially for the intricate systems of foreign automobiles like those we specialize in at MB Automotive Services.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration systems developed to automate/adapt vehicle systems for safer and more optimized driving and help in preventing accidents by offering features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assistance, and automatic emergency braking.


Loaner cars are available to our customers on authorized repairs.

We Use Hunter Wheel Alignment

At MB Automotive Services, we understand that your vehicle is a significant investment, and maintaining its alignment is crucial for optimal performance. That’s why we utilize the Hunter WinAlign machine, renowned for its precision in wheel alignment.

The Hunter WinAlign system offers unparalleled accuracy, ensuring your vehicle’s wheels are perfectly aligned according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This precision helps to improve fuel efficiency, reduce tire wear, and enhance handling. A properly aligned car drives straight and true, offering a smoother ride and increased safety.

Our experienced technicians at MB Automotive Services will expertly adjust your vehicle’s alignment with the Hunter WinAlign machine. This system allows for quick and precise measurements, resulting in a faster turnaround time and getting you back on the road safely and without delay.

By choosing MB Automotive Services for your alignment needs, you’re not only ensuring a precise service for your vehicle but also prolonging the life of your tires and improving your driving experience. Trust us to maintain your vehicle with the care and expertise it deserves.

Services We Provide

for Rockville, MD

We provide several services, including: