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German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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VW & Audi Repair and MaintenanceHigh Quality Auto Repair Services For VW Or Audi Vehicle in Rockville, MD

High Quality Auto Repair Services For VW Or Audi Vehicle in Rockville, MD

Owning a Volkswagen or Audi shows that you like quality engineering. However, to keep that quality engineering in good shape, these vehicles require VW & Audi repair & maintenance. Count on MB Automotive Services in Rockville, MD, for service and repair of your VW and Audi vehicles, including all preventative maintenance, inspections, and repairs, from replacing the alternator to rebuilding the engine.

Maintenance Intervals

for VW and Audi Vehicles

Maintenance intervals vary depending on the year, make and model vehicle you drive. However, regardless of whether you drive a VW or Audi, preventative maintenance is important to:


Your owner’s manual will tell you when to bring your vehicle to MB Automotive Services for VW & Audi repair & maintenance. If you no longer have an owner’s manual or it doesn’t list a preventative maintenance service, call the shop with your vehicle make, model and VIN, and we can look it up for you. Maintenance includes:
Whenever you bring your vehicle in for preventative maintenance, we also conduct an inspection of all visible issues and components, including fluid leaks, steering and suspension, tires and brakes.

VW and Audi Repairs

You don’t need to head to the dealership for repairs. MB Automotive Services has experienced and certified technicians to provide VW and Audi repairs where you are not just another number. Some repairs we provide include:

Common Audi and VW Issues

European Auto Repairs

Every vehicle on the road has different issues that crop up, and Audi and VW are no exception. Some of the more common repairs we see in the shop include:

Engine Performance Issues

You may experience loss of power, unusual engine noises, or rough idling. You can minimize these types of issues by following the manufacturer’s recommendations for timely preventative maintenance.

Electrical Issues

VW and Audi vehicles have advanced electrical systems to control many systems, including the engine, lights, infotainment, dashboard warning lights and more.

Transmission and Drivetrain

Some Audi and VW vehicles experience erratic shifting, vibration and slipping while accelerating.

Suspension and Handling

If your VW or Audi is giving you a rough ride or doesn’t seem to handle like it once did, you may need suspension repair.