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German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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Steering & Suspension Repair
in Rockville, MD

in Rockville, MD

Two essential safety features on vehicles are the steering and suspension systems. They work together to keep you on the road, provide handling and control, and give you a smooth ride. When components in either system fail, it could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. They also cause the tires to wear unevenly and eventually fail in Maryland. MB Automotive Services, a European auto repair shop, provides steering & suspension repair for German and British vehicles.

The Importance of

Steering & Suspension Repair

You might not think about the steering and suspension often, but when something breaks or wears out, you lose:

Ride Comfort

Ride quality is provided by the vehicle’s suspension system. Shocks, struts and springs absorb vibrations from roads.

Vehicle Control

The steering and suspension are linked to vehicle control. You control where you want to go with the steering. When certain parts are worn or broken, your input from the steering wheel doesn’t reach the wheels. The suspension also helps with vehicle control. The shocks, struts, springs, traction bars and other components help keep the vehicle from bouncing all over the road, sliding in curves, or veering off the road.


Both systems are critical for your safety, as they help maintain responsiveness and stability to stay on the road and avoid obstacles in your way.

Signs Your Vehicle Requires Steering & Suspension Repair in Rockville

Some steering and suspension components cause damage to other components if they are not repaired immediately. The most obvious damage is to tires. When the vehicle is misaligned because of a suspension issue or the tie rod ends are worn, the tires wear unevenly.

Some of the common signs you need steering & suspension repair include:


If you can feel every bump in the road or hitting a pothole bounces you into oblivion, you might have a problem with the shocks or struts of your vehicle in Rockville, MD.


If you feel vibrations in the steering wheel, you could have several problems, including misalignment, which can be from worn bushings and tie rod ends, and unbalanced tires. If you feel the vibration only at low speeds – around 5 to 25 mph, you may have a separated tire.


If you are having a hard time steering, the vehicle may be misaligned, or you may have a power steering fluid leak. Listen for a whining sound when you turn the steering wheel. The pump will whine when it’s low on fluid.


Uneven tire wear shows up as one side of the tread wearing out or scalloping. When you see this, the vehicle is misaligned due to issues with the suspension. Tire pressure can also cause uneven wear. If the tire pressure is too low, both outside edges of the tread will wear, but the middle won’t. If just the center of the tread wears, the tire pressure is too high.


If the vehicle pulls to one side while you are driving, you may have one or more of several issues, including:

  • Sticking brakes
  • Uneven tire pressure
  • Worn suspension components
  • Misalignment

Steering & Suspension


You can help keep the steering and suspension in good condition by servicing it. Service includes: