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Mini and mini cooper Repair & Maintenance
Expert Mini and Mini Cooper Maintenance Services in Rockville, MD

Expert Mini and Mini Cooper Maintenance Services in Rockville, MD

You don’t have to go to the dealer for Mini repair & maintenance. At MB Automotive Services, we have experienced Mini techs who have all the tools and equipment to service and repair your Mini. Keeping up with routine maintenance helps reduce expensive repair costs and significantly minimizes unexpected breakdowns. Our techs have years of experience with the unique characteristics of Minis and can help you keep yours in top-notch condition.

Common MINi


Knowing the signs of issues common to Minis can help you head them off before they become too costly. Some common issues and their signs include:


The Mini is known to have issues with its cooling system. It is common to see leaks from the thermostat housing, water pump or radiator. Keep an eye on the Mini’s temperature, as you could cause significant engine damage if the vehicle overheats.


As with other vehicles with complex electrical issues, the Mini has its electrical issues. You may have issues with the door locks, power windows, and dashboard warning lights. These issues are often due to faulty wiring. MB Automotive Services can track down your Mini’s electrical problems and get you back on the road.
Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance in Rockville, MD at MB Automotive Services. Image of the interior dashboard view of a Mini Cooper John Cooper Works, showcasing the steering wheel and LED lights.


Mini models with the N12, N14 and N16 engines often see issues with the timing chain tensioner failing. Should the tensioner fail, it could cause the guides to break. Those plastic pieces can fall into the oil pan and then block the oil passage, starving the engine of the much-needed lubricant.


Squealing and grinding brakes usually indicate low brake pads. Squealing means the tab on the brake pads is rubbing the rotors. Grinding usually means the backing plate is tearing up the rotors. No auto tech will be able to machine it, as it will get too thin. Low pads can also cause over-extended calipers and collapsed brake hoses. If you notice a soft brake pedal, you most likely have a leak somewhere.


Some Minis experience problems with their turbocharges in the form of oil leaks. If this is not caught and repaired, you could do extensive damage to the engine. It is important to check the oil at least once per month on Minis, especially those with longer oil change intervals.



You can minimize unexpected breakdowns and keep your Mini’s performance just as it was on the day you bought it by having MB Automotive Services do the preventative maintenance in a timely manner. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should do most things on the preventative maintenance list. If you no longer have an owner’s manual or the manufacturer did not list something, you can call the shop with your Mini’s year, model and VIN, and we can look up that information for you. Depending on the model, year, and engine, maintenance intervals vary.

Preventative maintenance and common intervals include: