German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time
German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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Auto Repair and Maintenance at a Bosch-Certified Shop

Auto Repair and Maintenance at a Bosch-Certified Shop

Gaithersburg and Darnestown are diverse, growing communities with both urban and suburban influences. The combination of modern conveniences and natural beauty makes this area an excellent place to work and raise a family. Whether you live in Gaithersburg or commute from Darnestown, you’ll want to keep your German or British vehicles in top-notch condition so your family stays safe while on the road.

MB Automotive Services in Gaithersburg/Darnestown has experienced Euro auto repair techs and state-of-the-art equipment and tools to provide maintenance and repair for several makes, including Range Rover, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Mini, and Porsche.

German and British Vehicle

Maintenance in Gaithersburg / Darnestown

Proper and timely vehicle maintenance not only preserves the driving experience you enjoyed when your vehicle was new but also minimizes unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. You’ll experience better performance, fuel economy, and safety by keeping the vehicle well-maintained.


The maintenance intervals vary from make and model to make and model. The year of your vehicle can also make a difference, as manufacturers sometimes change or update engines and transmissions every few years. Check your owner’s manual for maintenance intervals for your vehicle.

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Offers in Gaithersburg/Darnestown

Some of the services we offer at MB Automotive Services include:
Keeping your vehicle’s brake system in good repair minimizes the risk of an accident because of bad brakes and minimizes expensive brake repair. Pads worn to the metal can excessively groove rotors and can cause the calipers to overextend and brake hoses to collapse.
When steering and suspension components wear, the risk of losing control of your vehicle is much higher. The worn parts also cause more wear and tear on the tires and the rest of the steering and suspension.
The electronic control module (ECM) controls the air and fuel mixture in the engine, emissions, and, depending on the make and model, other systems, including the transmission. When the check engine light illuminates, it is because the ECM could not use adjustments to get a sensor reading in range. MB Automotive Services has top-of-the-line equipment to diagnose and repair check engine light issues.
When the alternator doesn’t charge the battery, the vehicle won’t start. In some cases, the starter can develop issues and drain the battery, causing the alternator to work overtime. We can diagnose and repair all issues with the starting and charging systems.
The heating and air conditioning systems also need maintenance to keep them in good working order. We can inspect and maintain the auto AC in the spring and the heating system in the fall. MB Automotive Services can also replace components, including the air compressor, condenser, evaporator and heater core, when they malfunction.
All vehicles require a transmission flush and filter change. The mileage depends on the manufacturer’s recommended interval and your driving habits. Frequent mountain driving and towing or hauling heavy loads are two instances where you should service the transmission more often. We can also repair transmissions, including front pumps, pan gaskets and clutches.
The cooling system is essential in keeping the engine cool. MB Automotive Services can service and repair the cooling system, including water pumps, thermostats, fans, sensors, senders, hoses, and radiators.
Cleaning the fuel injection system every year can significantly increase the lifespan of the fuel system. MB Automotive Services can change fuel filters, replace fuel pumps and injectors, and repair fuel lines. For vehicles that still have carburetors, we also have a carburetor tech.