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Jaguar Repair and Maintenance
Premier Jaguar Repair & Maintenance Services in Rockville, MD

Premier Jaguar Repair & Maintenance Services in Rockville, MD

Jaguar vehicles are luxurious, elegant and have top-tier performance. They provide a driving experience like no other vehicle. If you want to keep your Jaguar operating as it came off the showroom floor, you must keep it maintained and take care of repairs as soon as you notice them. Ignoring repairs can cause damage to additional components and add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair bills. MB Automotive Services in Rockville, MD provides Jaguar repair & maintenance to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Common Jaguar


Knowing the signs of problems can help you head them off before they become too costly. Some common issues and their signs include.


If your Jaguar engine idles rough, has poor acceleration, or you hear unusual noises from the engine, you may have issues with the fuel system, ignition system, or sensors. Noises can also mean bearing and rod knocks and valve tapping due to a lack of oil.


The Jaguar electrical system is complex. You may notice issues with lights, electronics and even dashboard warning lights. Always have these electrical problems checked immediately, as a short could cause a fire or drivability issues.
Jaguar Repair and Maintenance in Rockville, MD at MB Automotive Services. Image of a Jaguar F-Type with its hood open, undergoing preventative maintenance.


Jaguar designed its suspension for a smooth ride. If ride quality declines, you have handling issues, or the suspension makes noise, see a Jaguar specialist at MB Automotive Services as soon as possible.


Squealing brakes usually indicate low brake pads. If you ignore this problem, you could score the rotors so much that they cannot be machined. A soft brake pedal indicates a leak. If you have any braking issues, contact a Jaguar brake specialist at MB Automotive Services as soon as possible.


Shifting issues, vibrations and slipping are all issues we have seen in Jaguar transmissions. If you notice any of these issues, we can diagnose and repair them so you can be back on the road.


Vehicle Issues

To minimize unexpected breakdowns and to keep your Jaguar in excellent running condition, timely preventative maintenance is mandatory. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should do most things on the preventative maintenance list. If you no longer have an owner’s manual or the manufacturer did not list something, you can call the shop with the year and model of your Jaguar, plus the VIN, and we can look up that information for you. Depending on the model, year, and engine, maintenance intervals vary.

Preventative maintenance and common intervals include: