German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time
German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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Engine repair & services
for British and German Vehicles

for British and German Vehicles

Your vehicle’s engine creates torque and horsepower to allow you to get around. The power is transferred to the drive wheels via the transmission and drive shafts or CV axles. Engine repair and services is a crucial part of your car’s maintenance. The engine has many moving parts, so there is plenty of opportunity for the engine to wear out or break, especially when you don’t keep up with preventative maintenance. MB Automotive Services in Rockville, MD, a European repair shop, provides engine service & repair for German and British vehicles.

The Importance of

Engine Service & Repair for German and British Vehicles

Keeping your european vehicle’s engine maintained properly has several benefits, including:

Better Performance

German and British engines have tight tolerances, which means that it takes much less for them to fail when you don’t maintain the vehicle. Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. When it gets old, it gets contaminated with carbon deposits and dirt, which decreases the oil’s lubrication properties. With close tolerances, the bearings, rings, and other parts that require oil are more likely to wear out faster or even seize.

Fuel Efficiency

Engine repair visits can be reduced with proper engine care. When your German car or British vehicle engine has to work harder because the oil is dirty or the plugs are not firing properly, it uses more fuel. To keep the best fuel efficiency, always keep up with preventative maintenance.


The more grit in the engine, the more the metal components, including rings and bearings, wear. Regular maintenance keeps the oil clean and the plugs and injectors working effectively, which means that everything lasts longer. Make sure to check in with your trusted local auto repair shop in Rockville, MD for an engine repair and service visit. 

Signs of Engine Problems

Keeping your  european vehicle’s engine maintained properly has several benefits, including:


Dashboard warning lights, including the check engine light and coolant light, can warn you when something is amiss with the engine. Ignoring the lights can cause extensive engine damage.


If tapping, knocking or clunking coming from the engine, there is something wrong. Knocking and clunking usually come from the bottom end and could be a bad bearing or rod knock. Tapping usually comes from the valves.


A loss of power, including on acceleration, usually means you have a problem with the fuel system or ignition system. It can also mean the timing belt is stretched beyond capacity and the engine is no longer in time.


Spark plugs, air filters, injectors and other components can cause poor fuel economy when they are dirty or not working properly. Spark plugs eventually wear, and when the gap is too big, the plug doesn’t have enough firing power, if it has any at all.


When a vehicle stalls or has a rough idle, it most likely has a problem with the air-to-fuel mixture, sensors or engine timing.
When you notice something wrong and are not sure what is going on, the safest thing to do is to shut the vehicle off and have it towed to MB Automotive Services so we can check it out.

Common Engine Issues

European vehicle engine Repairs

Some of the common engine repairs we see at MB Automotive Services include:
These are just a few of the engine problems we can repair.