German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time
German and British Auto Repair Done Right the First Time

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Auto A/C Service & Repair
for European Vehicles

for European Vehicles

To fully enjoy your precision-engineered German or British vehicle, the air conditioning system must be in top-notch condition. We work on R134A, R1234YF and hybrid vehicles A/C systems. MB Automotive Services provides inspections and auto A/C service & repair for air conditioning and heating systems. However, keeping cool isn’t the only reason you should keep your air conditioning system in excellent condition, especially if you drive in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

The Importance of

Maintaining Your German or British Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

As we mentioned, driving in comfort is an important reason to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in excellent condition. Additional reasons include:

Air Quality

Both German and British vehicles have advanced air filtration systems. Keeping the air conditioning maintained ensures the air inside the cabin is clean and free from contaminants, dust and pollen, which contributes to your well-being. Additionally, a dirty cabin air filter makes the air conditioning system work harder to keep you cool.

Preventing Costly Repairs

When you neglect the air conditioning system, it can lead to costly A/C service & repair down the road. Minor repairs and routine inspections can minimize major air conditioning issues, including complete failure.

Always run the air conditioning system for five to 10 minutes during the winter to cycle the oil through the system. You’ll keep the seals in the system from drying out and leaking refrigerant.

Common Air Conditioning Issues in German and British Vehicles


Many factors can cause refrigerant leaks, including dried-out seals, leaks in high and low-pressure lines, and components. If the system leaks refrigerant, it won’t be as efficient. If all of the refrigerant leaks, it won’t blow cold air at all.


Because of the sophistication of the electrical systems in German and British vehicles, they can sometimes fail. You may have electrical shorts or sensor malfunctions. At MB Automotive Services in Rockville, MD, we can diagnose and repair electrical and sensor issues to ensure the air conditioning works properly.


The air compressor is a wear-and-tear item. It is constantly running, even when the air conditioning system is off, as it is driven by the serpentine belt. The only time it is actually compressing refrigerant is when the auto A/C compressor clutch engages. If the compressor fails, the system will blow warm air. MB Automotive Services can diagnose the air conditioning system and replace failing and failed compressors.


In some cases, the blower motor fails, and you won’t have a lot of cool air coming from the auto A/C vents – sometimes, none at all. In other cases, the blower motor resistor can fail. Your air conditioning system may work at one or two speeds or may not work at all. MB Automotive Services can diagnose and repair issues with the blower motor and blower motor resistor.

Auto A/C Service & Repair at

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Our experienced technicians can provide many services and repairs for your vehicle’s air conditioning system, including: